Sodium Polytungstate Powder New Powder low C and N

Sodium Polytungstate Granulate

Sodium Polytungstate Liquid

Sodium Polytungstate Liquid mixture with Tungsten Carbide

Sodium Polytungstate high stabilized

Tungsten Carbide Powder




The inorganic salt sodium polytungstate results in an aqueous, neutral solution. SPT is a Non-Toxic high density agent and has a low viscosity at high concentration. Adjustable densities from 1.1 g/ml to 3.1 g/ml. Is ecology safe and simple to handle. Has no noxious smell, no corrosive properties, not flammable. Stable in the pH-range of 2-14. Excellent recovery. Available in solid and liquid.

Sodium Polytungstate Powder

Product #: SPT 0

Description: White powder Low C and N. Density adjustable 1.0 to 3.1 g/ml.. Sold in Plastic Containers. Available in 1 KG lots.

Product #: SPT 1

Description: Light yellow powder. Density adjustable 1.0 to 3.1 g/ml. Sold in Plastic containers. Available in 1 KG lots.

Sodium Polytungstate Granulate

Product #: SPT 2

Description: Light yellow granulate with low dustiness. Sold in Plastic containers. 1 KG lots. Material makes a transparent light yellow solution. Density adjustable 1.0 to 3.1 g/ml. Less discoloration of solution occurs.

Sodium Polytungstate Liquid

Product #: SPT 3

Description: Light yellow solution. Standard density at 2.82 g/cm3 and 2.85 g/cm3. Less discoloration of solution occurs. Higher stabilization is possible, for the sink float process of metals like iron zinc, aluminium. Other densities are available upon request. Available in 1 KG Lots.

Sodium Polytungstate Liquid mixture with Tungsten Carbide

Product #: SPT 4 Description: Dark, no transparent solution. Solution contains 1 m Tungsten Carbide. Density available from 3.1 g/cm3 to 4.0 g/cm3 upon request.

Sodium Polytungstate high stabilized

Product #: SPT 5 Description: Light yellow aqueous solution. High stabilized, no reaction with metal. Density available up to 3,00 g / cm.

Tungsten Carbide Powder

Product #: TC

Description: Tungsten Carbide is a fine black powder (1 m particle size) Makes a dark, opaque solution. Densities up to 4.0 g/cm3 can be reached. Sold in Plastic containers. Available in 1 lb and 1 KG lots.

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Description: Hydrometers are used to adjust the specific gravity of heavy liquids.

Different Density Ranges from 1-2 g/cm, 2-3 g/cm, 2,5 - 3,0 g/cm to 3-4 g/cm available.

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